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"Our committed approach to valued added personalized service at no extra cost gained immense popularity among our earliest Clients. Initially, many of our competitors viewed 100% completion of all administrative duties, the settling of all billing and claims issues, as well as one on one consultation to be counterproductive and even expensive. We can truthfully say that our values and dedication to our clients, on a personal level, have been our driving force since our inception in 1989. As new laws are passed and advancements in technology are made, we continue to find new ways to deliver unrivaled service to our clients."

The Value Added Services we perform, at no extra charge!

Annual Renewal:
  • Annual renewal process beginning at least 60-90 days in advance of your Renewal/Expiration date.
  • Suggest changes in your insured census so as to facilitate the best rates.
  • Analysis of renewal rates and plans offered while presenting in depth proposals from existing and competitive market.
  • Aggressive strategic quoting ideas and plans for each employee and their families.
  • Our extensive background and experience in the industry, along with continued growing and high sales volume guarantees lowest premium levels for our clients.
  • We request rate discounts, coverage negotiations, re-quotes, and remain in contact with carrier supervisors as well as their underwriting departments.
  • We eliminate as much paper work, tasks, and responsibilities as possible, by law, to alleviate the administration of renewing your Benefits package.
  • We remain aggressive throughout the year by continually monitoring the market making sure you have the best premiums for your plans
  • Our analysis always includes a, "What would I do?" approach with real life examples.
  • All our customized benefit proposals will include a cost analysis on savings to comparable carriers and competitive plans
Strategic Planning and Consulting:
  • Identify client's needs via existing plan design structure, an updated census, any prior claims data, and learn of any expectations or special requests
  • Marketing of your benefit package to our many carriers
  • Alternative options of "self insuring" Co-pays, deductibles, and prescriptions, multiple plan implementation for maximum savings without losing coverage.
  • Calculating and advising on the various Employee/Employer Contributions.
  • Advising on the utilization of Section 125 plans as a tax saving device. Our clients are offered a Section 125 Plan at a discounted rate, annually.
  • Fully explaining and educating the many options from the Insurance carriers in a customized yet concise manner. We will construct the best possible benefit strategy to suit our client's situational needs.
Implementation of the New Plan Options:
  • Annual customized Benefit Statements showing a summary of the plans, and the breakdown of Employee Contributions.
  • We conduct the Open Enrollment Meetings personally so your employees fully understand their benefit packages, can participate in Q&A sessions, and meet with us one on one afterwards with any questions or concerns. Our hope is that the employees will then become comfortable with contacting us directly, going forward.
  • Customized brochures, or "kits" with detailed explanations of the plans.
  • Address benefits questions and concerns over the phone, in person, or by email.
  • Assistance in locating and acquiring new (PCP) Primary Care Physicians.
  • Personal assistance with decision making for employees to choose which plan option best fits the needs of both them and their families.
Cobra/Mini-COBRA Administration:
  • Mailing Initial Notices to new employees/dependents
  • Mailing Second Notices to past employees/dependents at time of qualifying event.
  • Collecting monthly premiums, and passing them on to the Client
  • File copies of documents, while tracking all payment procedures
  • Monitoring the allowed time throughout the duration of COBRA coverage
  • Notifying recipients at the end of their COBRA of their rights of conversion.
  • This added service is complimentary to our clients and administered in house. Outside administrators charge "per notice" and even charge an additional annual fee.
Administration and Ongoing Support:
  • First line of service for your employees to call us directly with any questions, problems, and concerns about their coverage and any insurance issue.
  • Our agency offers Section 125 Plans for benefits to be paid with pre-tax dollars but at a discounted rate for all our clients.
  • Completion of all administration regarding adding on and terminating employees.
  • Trouble shooting for billing issues
  • Settle claims problems
  • Assistance with miss-categorized issues regarding out of network benefits
  • Rx issues with doctors/pharmacy/co-pays etc.
  • Assistance and explanation of the Claims Appeal process for the Carrier.
  • Facilitate the access to forms, brochures, kits and etc., online access to carrier links, provider directories, health care news and updates.
  • Immediate notification and consultation of all ongoing changes within the health care industry and their impact on your business, benefits, payroll etc.
  • Consultation for the employees and owners in various areas: claims, Medicare, foreign travel, dependent child coverage, personal insurance, COBRA, Mini-COBRA, life insurance, HIPPA, FMLA, ERISA etc.
  • Assistance in locating and acquiring new (PCP) Primary Care Physicians or Specialists, especially in case of relocation and address change.
  • Process any updates for Student Eligibility issues
  • Providing the right individual or temporary coverage for college graduates coming off their family plans.
  • Replacement of lost ID cards.
  • Around the clock H.R. services and evaluation of company compliance within local, state, and federal employer guidelines and regulations as well as labor practice handbooks and access to internet portals and information pamphlets.
  • Our long term experience within the industry as well as business relationships with many legal offices, certified public accountants, payroll companies and political offices in the area allows us to offer the experience and knowledge of many local professionals
  • Address any employee's issues about turning 65, and any impact on their current status as an insured in regards to Medicare and Medicare Supplements plans vs. their current group plan.
  • Offer assistance when an employee's family member is turning 65 even if not on the group plan.
  • Same day appointments available for immediate service and consultation.
  • Offering of continued availability for employees and their families even after changing jobs or relocating. We will never turn anyone away who needs our assistance!
  • Our office is also fluent in speaking Spanish and Polish for any employees and their families who require assistance with all insurance issues and questions. We will fully educate these individuals on not just the healthcare industry but the insurance industry as a whole within the United States and the state of Pennsylvania.
  • Advising and assisting in health and wellness programs including alternative medicine, gym reimbursements, drug and alcohol prevention, quit smoking courses, CPR, healthy living and nutrition courses etc.